Sunday, November 20, 2011

CAMALEON Ep (2011)

N E W   C D

MishMish´s first Cd Camaleon is a compilation of featurings with some Producers and Djs all over the world. From Cumbia (Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia and Bigote) to Dub with Flamenco accent (Avi), and also mixing new Andino sounds (Intiche).

"Chameleon is a perfect name for MishMish’s CD. Each track features many different influences of world music and mixes them together well. MishMish collaborates with some our big guns of cumbia to bring these tracks to life."
Dj Umb (GenerationBass)

1. Cuando la tierra te llama - with Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia
2. La Huella - with Avi
3. La Gente del Sol - with Intiche
4. Cumbia Meta Ácida - with Bigote (Caballito)
5. Morena Calma mi sed - with Sonidos Profundos de la Cumbia
6. Citadela Dub - with Avi

Recorded in Berlin, Tübingen and Granada, 2010-2011 
By Callya, Avi (Ziri Estudios), Julius Holtz & Jonas Fehrenberg

Artwork by Sonia Vera
Special thanks to: Petardo for your support, Sonia Vera for our great moments, Avi for everything you shared with me, Callya, Julius, Jonas, Eduardo Otayza, Intiche, Terror Negro, Bigote, Caballito Netlabel, Radio Wüstewelle, Dj Umb and everyone who helped me to make this possible

Camaleon by MishMish is licensed under a Creative Commons License BY-NC-ND
All vocals and lyrics by MishMish 

Camaleon on the web:

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