Friday, November 4, 2011

Shazalakazoo & MishMish

Two years ago, we met at the backstage of Terrabeats Festival in Berlin. The serbian duo was impressing us totally with their show and amazing mix of gypsy music with electronic. They did a remix of one Pachazonica track and we started to work together. Now our track Rojo RubĂ­ is included on their EP Bang Bang and available at Generation Bass, Amazon and Spotify. Actually we work on more tracks! out soon

Here the track:
  Shazalakazoo - Rojo Rubi (feat. MishMish) by MishMish

Here the mix:
  Shazalakazoo - Bang! Bang! EP Teaser (Mixed by Neki Stranac) - OUT NOW by djumb

Here the Pachazonica remix:
  M.U.T. (Les Racines) - Shazalakazoo feat. MishMish by MishMish

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