Friday, November 4, 2011


Berlin 2010. MishMish (aka Sirena Mc) and Intiche get together to create Pachazonica, a soundsystem, reduction of their previous band proyect, giving full power and recording 2 albums and lot of collaborations. More than 50 shows in Germany in one year and some inedit tracks that will be released soon:

  PACHAZÓNICA -Ahí vienen los monos- (PACHANGUITO Monkey Step Remix) by PACHANGUITO !!!

  Montaña - Pachazonica (feat. MishMish) RMX by Soundnomaden by MishMish

   No me callo - Jazz K Lipa & Intiche feat. MishMish by MishMish

  Intiche, Pachanguito, Ion Din Anina and MishMish @ Tacheles, Berlin, 2010

                   Pachazonica performing at Enmedio Fest, Barcelona, 2010

                                    Pachazonica @ Clash, Berlin, 2010

Pachazonica @ Tacheles Studio 54, Berlin, 2010

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